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5 reasons why entering awards is good for business

Streamtime developer Pius Jeon accepting an award for our Streamtime Web app.

As a company, we’ve had the pleasure of winning many industry awards over the years. Yes the entry process is often time consuming and at times costly, however we’ve found there are also many benefits to entering awards.

1. Great marketing opportunity
Being shortlisted for an award is great PR. Even if you don’t win, it’s an opportunity to promote yourself to new customers, find new supply channels and break into untapped markets.

2. Up your credibility
Winning, being shortlisted or even just being nominated for a business award is a sure sign you’re doing something right, and since it’s a third party that is endorsing you, that also ups your credibility. If you’re lucky enough to win, it is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and it can become that all important advantage in a pitch.

3. Differentiating your offer
When filling in the application form, you’re presented with an opportunity to reflect on your business offer. It can raise questions like:  What do you do well? What could you be doing better? How do you talk about yourself? What evidence is there for your selling propositions? Focusing on these questions (and others) can help you better articulate your offer and differentiate yourself from the competition.

4. Better client relations
There are few better ways to show that you believe in the work that you do, than entering work on behalf of a client. Clients love to boast about award nominations and if you get to the finals, it’s also a great chance to show them some extra love and take them along for the ride. It’s also a great reminder on how well you work together.

5. Motivating your employees
Awards are a great way of recognising your employee’s hard work and achievements, which can really boost morale. Increased employee moral can also help you attract the right sort of talent to your business. Taking staff to these events is not only a great team night out, but it is also a great chance for them to network, which in itself is promoting your business’ greatest asset.

In fact, all of these and more are reasons why we believe in award ceremonies, and why we’re sponsoring the Wirehive100awards on October 16th and the AGDA Design Awards on November 15th.

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