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Rogue Brand Agency

“Its leagues ahead in its core function as an agency system. ”

Brad Dessington, CE

How did you first come across Streamtime?
When opening Rogue Brand Agency we were looking for a system that suited the way we wanted to do business – break the norm by creating systems, strategy and creative that challenged the industry standard. So naturally the agency management system we chose needed to suit this philosophy. After scouring the web for a solution that was not your typical, rigid process management system or the old mundane agency systems currently available, we finally came across Streamtime.

How did it compare with other solutions you had seen or heard of?
Its leagues ahead, both in its core function as an agency system as well as it continuously developing features. The interface and tracking capabilities are far more intuitive than systems I’ve used before.

What do you most like about Streamtime?
We’re still not sure to this day if one of the initial design principles of Streamtime was to allow for this – but we’ve created an entirely paperless briefing and management system. We’ve killed the idea of a job bag and completely manage time, artwork, approvals and briefs through each job number. Our agency can at any given time retrieve multiple elements of critical information from one source.

What has been the greatest change in your company since utilising Streamtime?
We began the agency with Streamtime, its been with us since day 1. As our agency grows we find that our ability to use the system to its full capacity grows exponentially. The beauty of our story with Streamtime is knowing that we still do not use all of its features, but as we grow we adopt new processes and consequently more and more usage out of the features of the system. In a strange way the system is our yardstick. As one of South Africa’s fastest growing small brand communications agencies, we’re equally growing our alignment of process with the formidable capability of Streamtime.

Our greatest change then? Ongoing growth, and the pleasure to know that Streamtime is there for us while we do it.

What would you say to someone looking for a solution like Streamtime?
Save yourself the time in searching for a system, its here. Intelligent integration, smart management and swift delivery is the starting point of the value you will receive.