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What our customers say

We’ve always been vocal about our love of what our customers do, so we talked to some of them to learn more about how they work, and how Streamtime fits into their businesses.

Luke Kellett, Headjam

"The profitability of our business grew, the culture grew...[Streamtime] really revolutionised everything we did in the studio."

Paul Ringsell & Andy Brattle, Beyond Design

"Ultimately a tool [like Streamtime] that has been designed for our industry, for people like us, becomes invaluable very very quickly."

Cris Tiebackx, CProjects & Advertising

“A better view on the productivity and efficiency of our company.”

Pim Van de Wiel, Exit Communicatie

“The best solution for a full service agency like ours.”
Exit Communicatie logo

Paul Fairbairn, iMagic

“It’s the best integrated time tracking, quoting, purchase ordering, project managing and invoicing system for design and digital studios ever!”

Kevin Davis, designlab

“Being a busy small studio, keeping track of costings is vital, something which we found difficult before Streamtime.”

Jonny Ford, Finger Industries

“It’s a really effective way of managing time, leaving me free to focus on design and direction...”
Finger Industries logo
“We love the interface. It’s well thought out and logical, and does exactly what it needs to do.”
Whitespace logo

Danielle Huthart, Founder, Whitespace.

“You can instantly use it without hours of tutoring and it feels comfortable without being overwhelmed by complex tasks.”

Stephen Johnson, Director, Amber & Green.

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What our customers are saying around the web

“At Uncle we use Streamtime and love it. Simple to use, manageable entry cost and powerful enough to take with you as you grow.”

Richard Tidman, Creative Uncle, via LinkedIn
UK customer

“We use Streamtime and it has completely sorted us out. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Jamie Gallagher, Hello Communications Ltd, via LinkedIn
UK customer

“Streamtime has revolutionised our studio admin. The quoting, time-tracking and invoicing chores that once consumed so much time are now quicker and easier. We researched all the major packages and Streamtime offered the best combination of features, ease-of-use and value. Their customer support is really excellent too.”

Michael Dale, Firebrand Ltd, via LinkedIn
UK customer

“Streamtime in my opinion trumps Traffic in a number of areas and most of all it’s ‘designer friendly’. It works well with MYOB and other accounting softwares and works albeit simply as an app on iPhone.”

Scott Bremner, Equator Design, via LinkedIn
AU customer

“Streamtime is the best Project Management Software for Creatives. It is so easy to use and quickly becomes an effective resource that never lets you down. The Streamtime support team are extremely dedicated and informative. It is the only piece of software that comes with free Addons and is constantly being updated, developing the recommendations from its current users! I couldn’t do my job without it!”

Rachael Brown, Finger Industries Ltd, via LinkedIn
UK customer

“We have just switched to Streamtime after doing extensive research on all of the available studio management systems. It gives us excellent reporting on the performance of the studio while helping us manage all of our projects. Would recommend it to any studio owner or manager.”

Greg Branson, Design Business Council, via Streamtime Blog
AU customer

“I can really recommend Streamtime. We are only a small agency (3 of us) but I had been looking for a good quoting, time recording, production planning & CRM software for a while. Streamtime has been a great investment (it’s a good price too). What used to take an age (quoting) is now often a 5 min job and planning / managing our projects with precision is wonderful. I love it!”

Lisa Lavis, Glow, via LinkedIn
UK customer

“We’ve been using Streamtime for 3 months now and we love it. Excellent customer support, really well designed interface, very clear and easy to follow setup and configuration. Based on FileMaker. Nice add ons such as an iPhone app, iPad app. The site is choccablock full of info to help decide.”

Mark Lightfoot, Mangion Lightfoot, via LinkedIn
UK customer

“We have just started using Streamtime and have found it to be an excellent studio management solution, far superior to other offerings in many areas specifically: sensibly thought out user journey (compared to the traditional, but awkward approach taken by many other PM applications such as Traffic), flexible and powerful setup allowing for room to manage the way suits you rather than requiring you to conform to the software, very good information visualisation screens that give a unique overview of studio activity and finally, but importantly, excellent customer service. The team have always been responsive and effective in addressing any glitches or questions that we have – couldn’t ask for more!”

Nick Wardle, Stardotstar, via Streamtime Blog
UK customer

“This software is fucking genius!!!!”

Brad Moore, Moore Brand Design, via Email
AU customer

“A very useful tool for tracking time and keeping on top of projects. Flexible payment[s] for fluctuating team numbers. Great product support.”

Richard Lemon, Fresh Lemon
UK customer

“A very well laid out design and interface that is versatile. Easy to use and the technical support is friendly and very good. It makes the process of inputting costs etc much easier.”

Kristian Douglas, Amber and Green Studio Ltd
UK customer

“All data in one handy place and easy user interface. Great for all parts of the business, not just time sheets. I love the job tasks and quotes sections.”

Prue Anderson, Biota Environmental Sciences Pty Ltd
AU customer

“It has been exactly want we have needed to run our business and the support has been first rate.”

Mathew Cutts, Cuttsy & Cuttsy
UK customer

“A great workflow and estimating tool that keeps us organised.”

Daniel Boi, Kandan Media
AU customer

“It is everything a creative needs to track job time, payments, orders, invoices and you can create reports from it at the end of the year.”

Billie Sharp, innov8 graphic design
UK customer

“It is the most flexible and feature complete solution to end-to-end project and studio management for small teams that I have found.”

Nick Wardle, Stardotstar
UK customer

“It's relatively easy to use compared to its competitors such as Traffic. Good people good support service.”

Stephen Johnson, Amber and Green Studio Ltd
UK customer

“It's simple and efficient to use.”

Georgia Hinchcliffe, Ink Copywriters
UK customer

“Streamtime has given us a great system to manage our business.”

Tony Downing, Downing Design
NZ customer

“Best system I have seen or used.”

Glenn Dougal, WAVE Creative Communications Agency
NZ customer

“Certainly for our business (Film Production) Streamtime has been super effective. The key selling point for us is its ability to link our production and post production sides.”

Tim Anderson, Burning House
AU customer

“Company wide central resource, simple 'fire & forget' level of ongoing service, covers most/all areas of our business, easy to use, well supported, gives the information we need, keeps us up to date!”

Philip Staff, Immaculate UK Ltd
UK customer

“Comprehensive studio job management system.”

Sharon Entona, Foodstuffs (NZ) Ltd.
NZ customer

“Covers all the bases really well, runs well, great interface.”

Campbell MacDuff, NeoGine Communication Design Ltd
NZ customer

“Covers everything we need and simple to get around.”

Tim Grey, Lloyd Grey Design Pty Ltd.
AU customer

“Customer service is excellent.”

Brett Warren, Motif Creative
UK customer

“Designed for agencies. Even I can use it :-)”

Jerome Franck, Bureau347 sprl
BE customer

“Makes timesheets a breeze.”

Benjamin Hames, Axiom Design Partners
AU customer

“Easy to organise jobs, allocate jobs and invoices.”

Dora Georgiadou, Gnomi Communication Consultants

“Easy to use, friendly and easy to understand UI and great UX... Everything we need in one place. Could do with more CRM features....”

Dean Breyley, Bloom 1 Ltd
UK customer

“Efficient and intuitive.”

Nick Hamilton (Senior Account Director), Cuttsy & Cuttsy
UK customer

“Excellent customer service.”

Sam Farrow, Farrow Creative Ltd
UK customer

“Excellent product with really good knowledgeable support.”

Kane (IT Contact), EOS Ecology
NZ customer

“Excellent software to track quotes, invoices, and material/time.”

Aline Kahawaty (Design Associate), Landscape Irrigation Solutions Ltd.
CA customer

“Fantastic product perfectly tailored for the needs of the advertising/design industry. Easy to use, always evolving and being improved. Excellent customer service and support.”

Kim Hankin (Account Service), Visualthing
AU customer

“Fantastic way to keep track of your projects.”

Kylie Meller, Kylie Meller
AU customer

“Fast, stable, easy to use, always improving and great support.”

Paul Rumens (IT technician), The Creative Method
AU customer

“Good customer support, and a very comprehensive programme if your needs match.”

James Duffy, Chromacode Studios Limited
UK customer

“Good system - meets our needs. Very good support. Reasonable price.”

Rodney Walker, Spurgeon Walker
UK customer

“Good time keeping software that keeps the studio running efficiently... and it looks good!”

Phil Gambrill, Fresh Lemon
UK customer

“Great functionality. Great UI.”

Kris Vella Petroni (Head of Design), BRND WGN
NZ customer

“Great industry specific system, Good support, easy to use and good integration with account keeping software like Xero!”

Ben, The Squad Pty Ltd
AU customer

“Great product and support.”

Kurt Viertel, Brother & Co.
AU customer

“Great product. Fantastic service - not just okay service. Proper, old school, great service.”

Tom Langford, The Potting Shed
UK customer

“Great project management tool and fantastic customer support.”

Jennifer Natrass, Earlybird Marketing and Events
AU customer

“Has streamlined our business dramatically. Increased our efficiency. likely increased income due to better recording of time. It's a cost effective option also, compared to some competitors.”

Julie Wrobel, Algo Mas
AU customer

“Heaps of features, customisable.”

Daniel Baulch, Logos Ahead
AU customer

“I find it easy to use - and the support is brilliant.”

Stephen Wright (Traffic Manager), Front Page 2012 Limited
UK customer

“I find it to be a well-crafted, flexible and relevant system.”

Elanie Diedericks (Designer), Gendel Advertising & Marketing (Pty) Ltd
SA customer

“I find Streamtime very user friendly and it has a great selection of reports available.”

Sharon Gray, Strategy Design & Advertising
NZ customer

“I have already recommended you to a company I know which is using Traffic. I told them Streamtime is more user friendly and saves me a lot of time.”

Jean Bradley, Gosling Creative Ltd
UK customer

“I have just started at a new agency and have recommended Streamtime. I found it easy to use. If I can use it effectively, anyone can.”

Lee Egan, Guillotine Creative Executions
AU customer

“I find it easy to use and I'm not sure how I would operate without it.”

Caroline McNeill, Beau Design
AU customer

“It's a great application has made our job tracking and ordering so much easier saving time.”

Tim Heppell, Glyphics
UK customer

“If someone were to ask me, I'd definitely recommend it because its revolutionised my business.”

Kathryn Mountain, Essential Design
NZ customer

“Intuitive and easy to use. Looks good. Mirrors the work flow of an agency.”

Elliott Duston, Luxon Advertising Ltd
NZ customer

“It does what it says on the tin. 10/10.”

Robert Gleed, Boat International Media
UK customer

“[Streamtime] ensures we know what is going on!”

Lisa Lavis, Glow
UK customer

“It has effectively streamlined our administration requirements. It is user friendly and navigates easily allowing for smooth and efficient tracking from logging and tendering, through to invoicing.”

Toni Douglas(Senior Designer), Saunders Design Group Pty Ltd
AU customer

“My boss and the CEO of USU have been so impressed with Streamtime and they agree it's here to stay. Basically, we have increased output by 70% more than the previous year and my boss was blown away how efficient we have become using your software.”

Jeanette Kho, University of Sydney Union
AU customer

“It has helped us streamline our business and in-house communications on all projects, both active and in-active. We also love that it integrates with our accounting software, Xero.”

Abby Farmer (Lion Tamer), Neon Zoo
AU customer

“It has totally changed how we track our work, and made for greater productivity, and most important - profitability!”

Darren Collinson, Small Dog Design
AU customer

“It is a good tool for tracking all aspects of a job.”

Denielle Clarke-Gray (Project Manager & AE), Tenaka's Tribe
South Africa

“It is a really great system. It lets you drill down into jobs. You can see profitability at a glance. It allows you to easily access artwork without having to go through studio. A person can open a job and all elements including job bags are save din one place. Love that it is paperless.”

Melissa Kelly (Business Unit Director), Rogue Brand Agency
South Africa

“It is the best project management, job costing software I worked with, keeping the balance in between simplicity, user- friendly interface and still being a trustworthy instrument to manage creative companies.”

Peter Vande Graveele, Mixed Salad
BE customer

“It just works well and the support is great.”

Scott Baker, Blowmedia
UK customer

“It makes keeping up-to-date with your timesheets and current/future work flow a breeze.”

Jamie Carbery (Designer), Seven Design
AU customer

“It makes our business so much more efficient and accountable. I always recommend it.”

Adam Carpenter (Owner), Toolbox Graphic Design
AU customer

“It organises my life and is easy to use.”

Matthew Spiteri Gonzi (Marketing Executive), BRND WGN.

“It provides a complete solution to running a creative business.”

Paul Fairbairn (Director), imagic.
NZ customer

“It provides a seamless system for running creative businesses.”

Mark Beever (Designer), The Business Card Company.
AU customer

“It provides vital information to help me run my business. Time is money and when my whole team is accountable for their time, we are in the money. Keep up the great work guys.”

Brendan Veary (Director), Pebble Design.
AU customer

“It saves time, reduces human error, and promotes consistency.”

Marko Klijn (Executive Producer), Cirkus Productions Ltd.
NZ customer

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