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Streamtime on the web. Yes.

Our Streamtime desktop app has been the creative industry benchmark for the past 10 years. We’re proud to introduce its new companion. Sign in from your desktop, tablet or phone with any modern web browser.

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What is it?

Your studio. Your Streamtime content. On the web

Streamtime Web works alongside your Streamtime database, wether that database is hosted in the cloud or located on a server in your studio

Streamtime Web is a fully responsive web app to view and edit your Streamtime content. It’s fast, and because it's on the web you can use it on your phone, tablet or desktop web browser from anywhere.

See our roadmap: Compare the Streamtime Desktop app with Streamtime Web
    Streamtime via...
  Mac or PC desktop Web browser
Access anywhere Fast access from anywhere on any device. Access from Mac or PC via a Local Area Network or with limited speed over a Wide Area Network.
Contacts Search, edit, create and delete. Find out more
Time & Expenses View and complete tasks, record time on tasks, complete timesheets. Find out more
Quotes & Estimates View Quote details and change a Quote’s status. Find out more
Convert Quotes into Jobs and Tasks, and set deadlines. Mid 2015
Create, edit and send Quotes online.  
Online approval: Clients can view and approve Quotes online.  
Collaborate on Quotes privately with your team and clients  
Jobs & Tasks View Quote details and change a Job's status. Find out more
Create, edit and add Jobs, and add Tasks to Jobs. Mid 2015
Schedule time from a Job to individual staff. Limited to viewing the Job Plan (tasks) on a Task Calendar. Not Available
Create and send Purchase Orders and Tenders to suppliers. Not Available
Invoices Create and send Invoices. Not Available
Reports View critical financial reports. Not Available
Companies & Contacts

Never forget a name. Ever.

Part of the success of Streamtime is having all your client and supplier information in the one place. A database of companies and individuals, with all their relevant names and contact details

Now you’ll have access to all that information when you are out of the office. What's his name? Where are they again? Done.


Work anywhere. Anytime.

Part of being in the creative industry is the need to be out there, involved, being inspired, making it all come together. A change in location can be great when the ideas aren’t flowing.

Now you record your time from anywhere, which means no Account Managers on your back chasing missed timesheets!


View and update your quotes. Now.

Often a client wants a ball park figure for a new project. Access all your quotes easily while you are sitting in the meeting. Often the specs change on a quote - an increase in quantity or a deadline change. With our new web access, you'll be able to brief the changes as they happen. Easy.


Know what's going on in your studio. Whenever.

Sometimes running a business means not actually being there - from the printer to the client, from the photo shoot to the next pitch – it's often hard to know how everything's tracking back at the base. Streamtime will keep you up to date, showing you all you need to see.

Streamtime is so much more...

Want to see what else Streamtime can do for your business? Nothing beats a demo from one of our aces. Give us a call to arrange a time or try the Streamtime web app for free.