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Video guides and tutorials

Overview videos and short clips showing tips, tricks, and shortcuts to get the most out of Streamtime.

Time & Expenses

Add Time and Materials to your jobs from your Desktop, the Web, and the Streamtimer Mac/PC widget.

Contacts: Companies & People

Organise and manage your Prospects, Clients, Suppliers, and People

Quotes & Estimates

Create and send quotes/estimates. Turning your Quotes into Tasks on a Job.

Orders & Tenders

Create and manage Purchase and Media Orders, and request Quotes from your suppliers

Jobs & Tasks

Schedule Tasks, manage your Orders, Quotes and Invoices. Create Project groups and run Reports.


Creating and sending Invoices from Quotes, Timesheets and Orders. Accounts packages integration.

System Setup

Add Time and Materials to your jobs from your Desktop, the Web, and the Streamtimer Mac/PC widget.

Recorded Webinars

Watch previous webinars we've run which cover a number of topics.

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Classes, podcasts, updates, and the API

Webinar classes and guided tours

Receive updates on when we're running the next webinars, or view previous webinars

If you'd like a guided tour, request a demo of Streamtime.

Streamtime radio podcast

Regular conversations with smart companies about design and life inside an agency. Hosted by Kyé and David. View on the iTunes Music Store.

Software updates and IT specs

Get the latest software updates for the Streamtime Desktop app.

View the technical specifications for our software, or see the accounting packages Streamtime integrates with.

The Streamtime API

Make something great with our API