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Mission Control for fonts

Super Handy: Preview all WebINK and Google Web Fonts directly inside Photoshop with Suitcase Fusion 4.
via @hellografik

The Drum Design Awards

We love to sponsor organisations that celebrate creativity.  And we love to help highlight the amazing work that many of our clients are doing every day. So we’re stoked to be involved as a sponsor of this year’s Drum Design Awards. Many creative companies excel in the work they produce, but struggle to keep track of all the time & costs for every project they undertake – that’s where Streamtime comes in. Streamtime specialises in making your company more profitable & more organised. Everything we promise, we deliver. Call one of our Streamtime Ace’s to get a personal demo or download a trial today.

MyFonts tumblr site

MyFonts is now on Tumblr. And a nice wee inspirational resource it is too.

Fiji Airways gets the treatment

Wow, some stunning brand and livery work for Fiji Airways by FutureBrand Australia (and many many others, including New Zealand’s Kris Sowersby). I think a trip to Fiji may be in order!

Trends in digital design for 2013 by prophets

If you are involved in digital design, then this presentation is one to have take a look at. Prophets is a digital native agency based in Antwerp. Their Design Director, Petra Sell, made a great presentation on trends in digital design for 2013. As with every prediction for the future, it is hard to predict it. Yet there are some really good insights in this one.

Trends in interactive design 2013 from Prophets Agency

Michel Gondry’s new film trailer


So good: The trailer for Michel Gondry’s new film L’Écume des Jours.

BNO Utrecht

As we have a growing number of users in the Netherlands, we are getting to know their whole creative scene better each day. One of the great things they have is the BNO. It’s the federation for professional designers in the Netherlands. It’s an organization that is deeply involved in all design aspects. Graphic, web, digital, architectural, product, fashion, packaging, urban,… you name it they will have their expertise in the field to assist where they can. Every region in the Netherlands has it’s local organization that is involved with the community by organizing events, workshops and inspirational talks.

Last night we visited the BNO Utrecht talk in Tivoli (picture above). Tivoli has a long tradition in hosting coming music acts before they hit the charts. Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden and more recently Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys and Gotye. Needless to say, the venue has a creative vibe going. The evening would give us 3 speakers:

HIK is a design agency who specializes in urban design. They started out from a passion towards urban design and the impact it has on a community. Klaas talked about how he started HIK and one of their first but most rewarding projects: the rethinking of the area around the train station Overvecht Central. They redesigned the whole area to be a place where people wanted to stay, work and meet with others. What started as a local project ended up gaining international attention. Not just because they managed to involve the whole community in the project but because of the Transfer Accelerator. It’s actually a slide to let people get to the platform faster when in a hurry as shown in this video (in Dutch)

Gert Franke is one of the founders of Clever°Franke. They specialize in visualizing very complex and large amounts of data. He talked about a pet project of theirs: the annual weather chart. Since 2010, they started this project as a personal test on how far they could take their mix of design and data complexity. Thanks to their growing knowledge of complex data and visualization, they were approached by Google to create a better tool for their Consumer Barometer. The result is an impressive piece of design and programming:

To end the evening, Jeroen got on stage and gave us a nice overview of the journey his creative brain has taken. Jeroen was one of the pioneers of the  street art scene in Eindhoven, the city of Philips. Since he started he has moved from an overall designer to an illustrator to graffiti artist and conceptual artist. During his career he lost interest in the whole design and drawing craft, called his clients one day to tell them he was taking a break. During that time, he started various small street art projects as a way to find his groove again. During that time he started to combine all his skills into all his design work. One of his latest ventures is a wall painting project for the Creative Center Osaka where he was asked to fly over to Japan and work with 35 local artist to create a large wall painting. Not an easy task when there is a certain language barrier; according to Jeroen he felt like he was talking to Google translate more then to the local people. More on the project. (Japanese)

Let’s Talk Design

On Friday 11th of January, Creative Network (Belgium) organized the first Let’s Talk Design. Streamtime was very happy to sponsor this night which was held in the De Winkelhaak design center. Let’s Talk Design is an initiative by Timothy Helmer who is also the founder of the Creative Network and aims to inspire people in the creative industry in an informal way. And that’s pretty much what we got.

Writing a review of a conference is always hard so what follows is some of my highlights.

The speakers were:

Frank Tjepkema gave us a nice overview of work from Tjep. What’s interesting about Tjep is that it consists of a team of ‘misfit-fitting designers and non-designers’. They challenge each other to create design work in both interior, architectural, furniture, and visual areas. Besides creating new designs, they also like to break stuff in order to create new stuff.

Noreen Morioka and Nicole Jacek gave us an entertaining presentation. Talking about their work, how they met at the Art Directors Club and what their plans are for the future. It’s hard to describe the vibe of this presentation. There was laughter, some sadness, great design work, and advice on how to take on your own future. They brought a certain enthusiasm to the room. All I can say is, if you ever get the chance to see them give a talk or meet up with them, do it.

Last speaker for the evening was Tom Dorresteijn. The CEO of world famous Dutch agency Studio Dumbar. Tom doesn’t have a design background but for the last 20 years has been leading the studio. He talked about the need for more than just design in order to create great design work. To make his point, he talked about how Studio Dumbar works and showed us how some of their best work was made.

Between every talk there was time for a drink and to meet people from different design disciplines. The vibe was good, the response of the attendees was great, and the speakers enjoyed the setting. In other words, a great first edition. We’re looking forward to more of these nights!

Pictures can be found here.

The agency pronunciation guide

Very good. The Agency Pronunciation Guide.

Interesting how some agencies get their names

Aaaand… we’re back! Welcome to 2013 everyone. Hope you had a good break over the Christmas/New Year period.

Miel from our Belgium office found this one, a ‘Taxonomy of Advertising Agency Names‘ by Rob & Joe of the online community Cargo Collective.

Dumb ways to die

Awesome safety campaign from Melbourne Metro: Dumb ways to die!

Streamtime and Windows 8

Microsoft has released it’s latest OS Windows 8. Like with any new OS, before updating, it is best to check that vital applications are supported. For Streamtime, there are a couple of things to consider:


Filemaker only supports Windows 8 on version 12 (both Pro and Server). So if you are running Filemaker in version 11 environment, you should not upgrade to Windows 8. More information on supported Filemaker versions can be found here.

Google Chrome Frame:

Streamtime requires Google Chrome Frame on Windows machines. This framework is used to visualize the Task Schedule and gantt charts. Google has not yet released a Windows 8 compatible version. This means that if you are running Streamtime on Filemaker 12 and move to Windows 8, you will loose the functionality of the scheduler and gantt charts. More information can be found here.


The UI parade has released a pretty handy Photoshop plugin called WebZap. You can use it to quickly produce a mockup that is based on the 960 grid. The way it is built allows you to easily change your layouts while keeping full control over your layers (which can be styled as much as you want). For $15 WebZap is yours.


Pentawards packaging beauty

Some cracking winners here from this year’s Pentawards.

Endeavour’s trek across L.A.

Space shuttle Endeavour in the street

The last journey for the space shuttle endeavour was certainly an interesting one: through the streets of L.A!

Urban Outlaw

Back in May, Reelhouse went in public Beta mode. It’s a video platform for stories about people or places. Since the launch, some very cool video’s have been put up on the site. One of the stories on the site is the one of Magnus Walker, a passionate Porsche collector / customizer living in LA..

Lennon’s Poster

This is a reproduction of the poster that inspired John Lennon to write the songBeing for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!, which appeared on The Beatles’ 1967 albumSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It is printed in a limited edition of 1,967.

Check out the video on the making of the reproduction, great to see this kind of attention to detail.








Looking for inspiration and apps that can help with that? After all it is hard to keep finding interesting stuff in the overdose of images / words / sounds on the web. I came across Kuvva and it does exactly what the tagline says:

“Kuvva is your source for beautiful wallpapers. Specially curated for your desktop from some of the world’s leading photographers, designers and illustrators.”

You can download it for free in the Mac Appstore or here for Windows.


ADLA: A Different LA

FORM follows FUNCTIONS, a collaborative media studio, has started an inspiring series featuring remarkable people and places in Los Angeles.



The art of ironing

Who said ironing was boring. Check out what DDB Russia did for Philips in this video.

One Minute Wonders

In need of a short, quick inspiration round? One Minute Wonders gives artists, designers, entrepreneurs 60 seconds to tell us what get’s them going.

Street Ghosts

Street Ghosts: life-sized pictures of people found on Google’s Street View are printed and posted at the same spot where they were taken. This street art project is just starting so keep your eyes open.

Everyday there is a new Tumblr blog that makes us laugh, but this one is worth sharing. The emotions of a working life in advertising: This Advertising Life

Empty Black

Empty Black : A minimalistic designed, addictive game made in HTML5

Peugeot Graphic Novel

Peugeot has teamed up with Marvel’s Gérald Parel to produce a motion comic to promote their new Hybrid4 car. Read the comic here.

Instant: The Story of Polaroid

This book by Christopher Bonanos documents the story of Edwin Lands visionary company from garage startup to billion-dollar pop culture phenomenon. Be sure to look at the book trailer video and notice the comparison with Apple.

Book trailer for INSTANT: THE STORY OF POLAROID by Christopher Bonanos from Princeton Architectural Press on Vimeo.

Creative Bench Ads

I’m a fan of using humor in advertising, and there’s some nice use of it here on these park benches.

Kerning at roof scale

Close up of the word Amsterdam set on the window panes of a bus station roof

A lesson in not letting your builder (or Architect for that matter) typeset the words on your mega-scale bus station!

The Dieline Package Design Awards

If you happen to be in Paris on the 20th of September, you might want to head over to the Louvre subway station. The Dieline is hosting a winners exhibit of the Dieline Package Design Awards. For a list of the winners, have a look over here.

RGB workspace

American artist Tauba Auerbach thought of Atlas RGB Colorspace. The book, 3200 pages, presents the evolution of the RGB color code page by page. The result is a visually intriguing colored object, printed by Wide Awake Garage.

Via Fubiz

Nike designer rebrands game of thrones

Some beautiful work here from Nike’s brand design guru Darrin Crescenzi. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, then take a look at his poster for the Houses of Westeros. It’s an 18″ × 24″ poster with gold foil stamp, on 80# Mohawk superfine eggshell cover stock. Just beautiful.

Bones Brigade

Skateboarding has always had a close connection with creativity. Not only for inventing new tricks and flips but also from a design perspective. In the eighties, the first signature design decks came about with the rise of skateboard heroes. Some of the first people to popularize skateboarding were part of the Bones Brigade, with members like Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen. Now, those guys have made a movie which is part of the official Sundance Festival selection. Check out the trailer and screening dates over here.

Bill Wearing Socks

We’re big fans of Bill Murray here so we just had to share this video. Bill Murray wearing socks.

An old-fashioned high-quality print mag

What it says on the box: Offscreen is a print magazine about the human side of websites and apps. Each issue contains six interviews with the creative minds of successful websites, apps and other digital products. The Offscreen site is pretty tidy too. The mag itself is designed in Melbourne by the talented Kai Branch at www.brizk.com

Unforgettable Moments

From the site:

A first date, a new job, the birth of a child, or a tragic event. This collection is made up of moments that profoundly changed your life or your outlook on it.

Unforgettable moments is part of the Medium publishing platform. Follow em on twitter



Incredible paper birds

The beautiful, quirky work of  Colombian artist, illustrator and paper sculptor Diana Beltran Herrera. Just delightful!


Gotye ‘Sombodies’

Adding to the plethora of Gotye’s Somebody that I used to Know remixes and interpretations, Gotye used youtube as his orchestra and created a remix from the various covers and parodies of the song.



New logotype for Air New Zealand

Seen the new Air NZ logotype? It’s part of a wider overall brand refresh and realignment for New Zealand’s national carrier. Designworks engaged Kris Sowersby (he of the Darling Hotel fame) to work on new letterforms to compliment the iconic Koru logo. Here’s a little bit about the process he went through.

Organized wonder

Caution, this site may cause you to spend hours and hours glued to your screen watching a lot of awesome.

Nothing to advertise

Spend any time crossing the US-Canada border near Vancouver and Seattle and you’ll come across this great piece of work from Lead Pencil Studio.

Via @designtaxi. Photo by US Mission Canada.

You make me happy

Some beautiful handiwork from Erik Marinovich over at Friends of Type: Don’t worry baby.
Check out Erik’s personal site  here.

Do you really Like me?

We’ve been following Christoph Niemann’s blog for some time now. He never fails to brighten up the day with his witty illustrations for The Times magazine. Case in point: You like me. You really, really like me.

The next Microsoft

New microsoft brand logo redux overlaid on the moon, baby!

Designer Andrew Kim issued himself a challenge: in 3 days, update Microsoft’s branding and messaging. The results are very impressive.

The most creative country in the world

Map of the world inside a droplet

A fun little film promoting the Axis awards in New Zealand. This was shown on 3 large screens at the awards on the night.
Droplet photo by Laszlo-photo.

Miniature sandblasted landscapes

Sandblasted book sculpture from Guy Larameé

After a short hiatus (we were in Boston for the HOW design conference), we’re back. Came across this amazing artist while I was away. Guy Larameé creates amazing miniature landscapes from old books and takes great photos too. Very cool.

How to use one paper towel

Slightly off topic from our usual articles and links, but How To Use One Paper Towel (a TED talk by Joe Smith) will change your next vist to the loo, and save a few trees in the process.

Paper towel image © Horia Varlan (creative commons license)

The greatest geek who ever lived

Nicola Tesla

Turns out Tesla pretty much invented everything, everywhere.

Frank Chimero: The Shape of Design

Funded through Kickstarter, Frank Chimero’s The Shape of Design is a book i’ve been looking forward to reading this book for a while now. It looks very well designed, and although it comes as an ebook I’m sure there’ll be a lot of people wanting the version printed on dead trees beautiful stock.

You can get a taste of it by reading the first chapter here.

Flying babies help raise money for child poverty

These photos of flying babies made me smile.

Photo by Rachel Hulin

A gorgeous little app called SpellTower

I came across the site for SpellTower, an app for the iPhone and iPad. As soon as I saw this quirky illustration of the tools you’ll need to play, I was in! This app is a lot of fun. It’s well designed and quite addictive. I’m a terrible speller and my best words are paltry 3 or 4 letter low hanging fruit, but with integration with the iPhone dictionary you’ll be learning new words in no time.

They have a special on at the moment, so for NZD $1.29 you can’t go wrong.

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