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We're Streamtime, makers of project management software for the creative industry. We love design as much as you do and know that productivity and creativity aren't mutually exclusive.

Bēhance your creative profile.

Bēhance is an artistic online folio sharing site that allows you to add a wide range of files including videos and still images to showcase your creative work. Bēhance was founded in 2007 by Scott Belsky, who serves as the company’s CEO. The site has won several Internet awards and has been featured in many tech publications. You can also embed from popular sites like Vimeo, SoundCloud and YouTube. There is also a LinkedIn Bēhance App called Creative Portfolio Display which allows you sync your Bēhance portfolio with your LinkedIn profile.

This week we’d like to point you towards one of the profiles, created by one of our UK clients – Finger Industries Ltd. These guys do great animation and illustration and they are also big Streamtime Fans, so for these reasons alone we’ve decided to make them this weeks winners of the “Streamtime-beer-and-wine-because-you-deserve-it-friday-shout”.   Thanks guys for all your support!

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One Response to “Bēhance your creative profile.”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Whoop whoop! Thanks Streamtime, you are awesome! Love Finger Industries xxx

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